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22 03, 2023
AGV Handling Robot: Key to the Intelligent Manufacturing Trend of Modern Factories
With the gradual increase of labor costs, the profit of the manufacturing industry is becoming thinner. In addition to the intensified competition in the global market, factories must find more low-co...
15 03, 2023
How to Choose Commercial Cleaning Robots?
As a new round of technological revolution, artificial intelligence promotes the development of enterprises towards intelligence, continuously integrates with traditional manufacturing enterprises in ...
08 03, 2023
Intelligent Disinfection Robot Gives Technology Wings to COVID-19 Prevention and Control
Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, large shopping malls and office buildings with dense crowds have always been important battlefields for epidemic prevention and control. Traditional manual disinfec...
01 03, 2023
AGV Transport Robots: Future Development Trends
"COVID-19" pandemic has raised people's awareness of their own vulnerability to natural risks, which will promote the application of AGV and other automation equipment in various industr...
23 11, 2022
What Scenarios Are Security Robots Used In?
With the overall improvement of the country's economy, the development of science and technology has entered a new field, and the robot images that only existed in mind fantasy and movies in the p...
20 11, 2022
Analysis of the Management System of Mobile Cleaning Robots
To put it simply, this is a combination of a floor cleaning robot and a disinfecting robot, but there are many technical difficulties involved. For example, the core technologies of the cleaning robot...
17 11, 2022
The Epidemic is Forcing Technological Innovation: AMR Cars Promote the Construction of Empowering Smart Hospitals
How to focus on the logistics side, shorten the working time, reduce the cost of the enterprise, and optimize the allocation of resources by realizing unmanned and automated production and storage lin...
14 11, 2022
Intelligent Warehousing AGV Accelerates the Unification Trend of Unmanned Chemical Factories
Smart warehousing is the product of warehouse automation. Similar to smart homes, smart warehousing can be enabled through a variety of automation and connectivity technologies. These technologies wor...
11 11, 2022
Intelligent Robots on Duty: Entertainment Travel Adds Novel Experience
The progress of science and technology promotes the development of intelligent robots. With the emergence of the phenomenon of "Internet + entertainment travel", in the wide application fiel...
07 11, 2022
Disinfection Robot: Provide Enterprises with a Non-contact and More Efficient Disinfection Solution
Since the outbreak of the new crown virus, disinfection of public places has become an important way to reduce the risk of new crown virus infection. However, in the process of disinfection, manual op...
05 11, 2022
The Figures of Robot "Warriors" Are Fighting Against COVID-19
Since the normalization of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the daily investigation and flow adjustment have become more and more arduous, which not only consumes a lot ...
01 11, 2022
Why is the Construction of Smart Airports Always Inseparable from the Presence of Intelligent Robots?
In the field of civil aviation, safety and efficiency have always been the focus of attention of all parties. How to create an intelligent security system and provide passengers with a convenient, fas...
25 10, 2022
What Are the Functions of Food Delivery Robots and the Demand for Robots in the Catering Industry?
With the rapid development of science and technology and market demand, more and more intelligent products have begun to appear in food delivery robots, which are more in line with the needs of the pu...
24 10, 2022
Applications of Airport Robots Around the World
Whether it's electronic luggage tags, biometric services, or aviation data analysis, smart technology is helping airports become smarter. The most striking of these is undoubtedly the breakthrough...
20 10, 2022
Airport Robot: Airport Intelligent Welcome Robot
The airport intelligent service robot is an innovative application of artificial intelligence + airport construction. Intelligent airport robots take airport education as the starting point, focus on ...
18 10, 2022
What Advantages Can Food Delivery Robots Bring to Stores?
The increase in food delivery robots is mainly due to two aspects: First, under the influence of the epidemic, labor has become a major negative factor in the catering industry. The difficulty of recr...
16 10, 2022
What Are the Application Industries of Intelligent Robots?
With the advancement of technology and the expansion of market demand, intelligent service robots have gradually entered the public's field of vision. When you come home after a long day of work, ...
12 10, 2022
Robots Empower Smart Medical Construction and Build High-tech Protective Walls for Hospitals
In the special period of the spread of the epidemic, technology companies are moving towards the front line of epidemic prevention, using technology as a weapon to participate in the battle against th...
08 10, 2022
The Development Trend of Intelligent Robots
The development trend of intelligent robots in the future is very impressive. In the future, the language communication function will be more perfect, the action function will be more comprehensive, a...
04 10, 2022
The Autonomously Walking Disinfecting Robot Provides a New Guarantee for the Medical Environment
1. Disinfect robot factory finds out the marketHospital wards are often overcrowded, and the problem of nosocomial infection is becoming increasingly prominent. There are countless "invisible kil...
13 09, 2022
How Will Security Robots Change Your Life?
At present, the traditional security industry is accelerating the integration and application of artificial intelligence in the field. Driven by the needs of smart city construction, security robots h...
09 09, 2022
Do You Know All These Functions of Intelligent Disinfectant Robots?
Under the normal situation of national epidemic prevention and control, many schools have used intelligent disinfectant robots for disinfection and cleaning. In addition, hospitals, gymnasiums, scienc...
06 09, 2022
The Working Principle and Application of the Sanitizing Robot
In recent years, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, intelligent robots have been gradually applied in all walks of life. In the process of epidemic prevention and contro...
02 09, 2022
Sanitization Robot Has Become a Powerful Helper for Medical Staff
Under the epidemic, how does the disinfection industry with environmental health develop? Is it still the same as the traditional one, is it enough for the cleaning staff to do a simple cleaning? In t...
22 08, 2022
Basic Introduction and Development Status of Intelligent Robots As Security Guards
The development of every place is inseparable from the needs of the security industry. As long as there are criminal factors in today's society, the security industry will always exist and will co...
15 08, 2022
Intelligent Sterilization Robots Provide Strong Guarantee for the Management of Modern Hospitals
With the rapid development of the economy, residents' demand for health services is on the rise as a whole, and the disinfection product industry has ushered in important market opportunities. Dis...
08 08, 2022
Warehouse Robots Help Furniture Companies Start Unmanned Upgrades
In the case of the warehouse robot, the customer is an enterprise specializing in the integrated service of home warehouse assembly and assembly, and has rich experience in comprehensively improving t...
01 08, 2022
What Are the Advantages of Warehouse Logistics Robots?
With the development of intelligent technology, warehouse logistics robots have appeared in more and more warehouses. So why are expensive warehouse robots so favored by industry professionals? In thi...
22 07, 2022
Why Have Security Robots Become a New Choice for Enterprises to Break the Situation?
Driven by the wave of robots, almost every job has a trace of robots. Many robots can also save humans from dangerous and messy work environments, greatly improving efficiency and reducing costs while...
15 07, 2022
Security Robot Classification and Its Application Overview
A security robot is a semi-autonomous, autonomous or fully controlled robot that assists humans in completing security work. As a subdivision of the robot industry, security robots are based on actual...
08 07, 2022
In the post-epidemic era, hotel performance is gradually recovering, but the unstable market demand brought about by the repeated epidemics makes hotels need to deal with huge challenges in cost contr...
01 07, 2022
What Core Technologies Does the Robot Chassis Consist Of?
The chassis is an important part of the robot's movement. From the initial concept, the structural parts plus the wheels, the motor and the corresponding drive circuit are the chassis. However, to...
28 06, 2022
What Kinds of Logistics Robots Are There?
Logistics robots are mainly used in warehouses, sorting centers, and in transit and other scenarios, and mainly complete related tasks such as loading and unloading, handling, storage, sorting, and tr...
21 06, 2022
Smart Disinfectant Robots Contribute to the Epidemic
Entering the post-epidemic era, disinfection operations, as one of the main means of preventing and controlling the spread of the virus, will become the daily work in public places such as hotels, off...
14 06, 2022
The Basic Structure and Operation Principle of the Baggage Handling Robot
Before designing a handling robot, you need to have a sufficient understanding of its composition. First of all, a handling robot with reasonable structure and complete functions, its key system softw...
10 05, 2022
The Difference Between Crawler Robot Chassis and Wheeled Robot Chassis
Different robot products have different requirements for chassis. For example, sweeping robots need low-cost laser navigation solutions, other service robots need flexible and safe lidar + vision navi...
01 03, 2022
Restaurant Technology Robotic Delivery Waiter
Fdata robotic delivery is different from those tradition robots. It’s built with a 4-layer detachable customized trays and a trackless delivery solution.
30 01, 2022
What Is Restaurant Robot Waiter Looking Like
The year 2022 is looking very promising for restaurant robots. Every industry is exploring ways they can increase productivity and cut back on their costs.
20 01, 2022
The Use Of Serving Robots In 2022
As continuous technology innovation and development, the artificial intelligence technology has come to a variety of industries.