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Intelligent Warehousing AGV Accelerates the Unification Trend of Unmanned Chemical Factories

Smart warehousing is the product of warehouse automation. Similar to smart homes, smart warehousing can be enabled through a variety of automation and connectivity technologies. These technologies work together to increase warehouse productivity and efficiency, minimizing the amount of labor while reducing errors. In a traditional warehouse, we typically see workers carrying checklists, picking products, loading them into carts, and shipping them to the shipping dock; but in a smart warehouse, orders are automatically received, after which the system confirms whether the products are In stock. Pick lists are then sent to robotic carts, which place the ordered products into containers before handing them off to workers for the next step.

And intelligent warehousing completely solves the problem of dependence on labor. With the help of an intelligent warehousing system, it can automatically receive, identify, classify, organize, and extract goods. The best smart warehousing solutions automate nearly the entire process from supplier to customer with minimal errors. With the development of warehousing and logistics automation, the intelligent handling equipment has become an indispensable tool for the logistics industry. These moving tools send raw materials, parts, and other items to the production station, making the installation process smoother. This moving tool is gradually developed and extended to various industries. Nowadays, the automation of moving tools is getting higher and higher, and the logistics robot with AGV automatic navigation trolley can already realize unmanned moving. In the logistics moving link, it has developed from the simple manpower trolley in the past to today's AGV handling robot. AGV handling robots are widely used in production lines. Robots replace human handling, which greatly improves the efficiency of production assembly.

1. AGV logistics robots have gradually become an industrial trend

At present, all factories are promoting automated production and improving automation efficiency. It has become a "trend" to introduce AGV and other equipment to replace labor. Unlike employees who will be fatigued, automated equipment can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure product quality. outperformed.

With the wide application of AGV logistics robot products in the manufacturing industry, AGV's power supply technology, navigation technology, and car body design for different operating and functional requirements will be the future technology development direction of AGV. Because AGV products are easy to use, flexible, and occupy less workshop space, with the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the construction of intelligent factories.

2. AGV logistics robots will be widely used in various links such as production process and logistics transportation

At present, society has entered a new stage of development: increasing population mobility, increasing individual needs, and gradually entering an aging society. All of this is forcing the rapid transformation of the manufacturing industry. For the intralogistics industry, it will bring disruptive changes, but it is also a very big opportunity. At present, the AGV market demand is gradually stabilizing, and the overall growth rate is about 20% per year. In the past, most of the companies using AGV products were high-end users with relatively good profits, or for the sake of image engineering, but with the increase in labor costs and the need for automation in production, the application fields of logistics robots AGV will become wider and wider.

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