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Outdoor Robot

Outdoor Robot

Fdata outdoor mobile robot is widely used in different indoor and semi-outdoor workplaces. Waterproof design with strong climbing capability to meet different scenarios. Well-designed, our package delivery robot can play an important role in last-mile delivery, which can improve efficiency and reduce labor demands to lower the operation cost.

Outdoor Mobile Robot Platform Specs

Outdoor Mobile Robot Vs Indoor Autonomous Robot

  • When it comes to autonomous service robots, there are two main types of environments: indoor robot and outdoor robot. While indoor mobile robots are primarily designed for use in factories, warehouses, and other controlled environments, outdoor mobile robots are built to handle rough terrain, unpredictable weather, and other challenges associated with outdoor applications.

  • Fdata's outdoor robot platforms are specifically designed to operate in harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, rain, and snow. Equipped with rugged tires and advanced navigation systems, our outdoor mobile robots can navigate through dirt, mud, and other challenging terrain with ease.

  • Our outdoor robot comes with a range of features, including obstacle detection and avoidance, GPS tracking, and real-time tracking and monitoring. Whether you need a robot for surveillance, search and rescue, or other outdoor applications, Fdata has the advanced robot solutions you need.

  • Don't let challenging outdoor environments hold you back – contact Fdata delivery robot company today to learn more about our high-performance outdoor mobile robots.

Outdoor Mobile Robot Vs Indoor Autonomous Robot

Outdoor Mobile Robot Features

Outdoor Mobile Robot Features
High performance mobile robot platform

Our existing mobile robot platform can support a load of 500KG and a running speed of 25 km/h. If there is a higher demand, our customized service can support any of your projects.


Different from other suppliers, any of our mobile robots can be customized. According to the customer's usage scenarios, we customize the mobile robot platform with suitable load and running speed and design. We provide API and assist customers in secondary development and software integration to customize a mobile robotic system that satisfies customers.

All-terrain durable platform

Our mobile robot platform can travel and work on complicated roads such as beaches, gravel, and lawns. Four-wheel independent suspension reduces bumps, and the maintenance-free power system makes you worry and labor-saving. We will customize different tires and power systems for customers according to their needs.

Remote control, follow-up and automatic navigation can be supported.

Our robots all support remote control and automatic navigation modes, and customers can choose according to the usage scenarios.

Easy to use

Out-of-the-box, no need to do any installation operations. We provide API support for ROS, making it easy for you to DIY your mobile robot platform.

Reliable mobile robot platform

All our products are often released after reliability testing, and professional testing teams and engineers escort your products, so don't worry about safety.

Outdoor Robot Platform Advantages

Fdata outdoor robot is based on the ROS system, using visual recognition and LIDAR algorithm and SLAM algorithm of multi-sensor to achieve high-precision autonomous positioning and navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, dynamic path planning, etc. functions. At the same time, our outdoor mobile robot has a targeted design for the waterproof needs of different scenarios and has a strong climbing ability.

The integration of LIDAR, visual image recognition, ultrasonic radar, 3D depth vision sensor, infrared sensor, and other multi-sensors, continuous optimization and refinement of SLAM, adapt our outdoor robot platform to both indoor and semi-outdoor combination and other multi-application scenarios.


How Does A Outdoor Robot Work?

How Does A Outdoor Robot Work?

User map building.


Customized navigation location setting for the point-to-point operation.


Set multi-point running paths for autonomous navigation.


Integrate multi-sensor algorithm during operation to achieve intelligent obstacle avoidance.


Set a cruising path to enable autonomous cruising.


Set the charging position, autonomous re-charging based on the power level, to enable the outdoor robot's autonomous operation & re-charging.


Scheduling system for multiple serving robots running together and collaborative scheduling.


Remote backyard management, clear visualization of fleet status & scheduling.

Outdoor Mobile Robot Platform Applications

Outdoor robot platform has been widely used in many scenes, and our common examples include agriculture, patrol, welcoming guests, last-mile delivery, picking, and public health. The mobile outdoor robot can do simple and repetitive tasks instead of human beings, saving labor costs and reducing the occurrence of errors. Our mobile robot platform uses SLAM technology, laser radar, and visual sensor fusion technology to make robots perform tasks more intelligently and efficiently. Outdoor mobile robots, like having brains at work, will automatically plan paths and avoid obstacles and are our good assistants at work.

Our mobile outdoor robot platform has been used in the following scenarios: patrol robot, agricultural transportation, and last-mile delivery robot. What makes us different from others is that we fully support DIY robot platform, and we provide customized services from design to product functional requirements.

Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Robots Videos

Outdoor Robot Platform FAQs

What is an outdoor robot platform?

An outdoor robot platform refers to a mobile robot chassis or base specifically designed for operating in outdoor environments. It is built to withstand outdoor conditions and is equipped with features suitable for navigating outdoor terrains.

What types of outdoor terrains can outdoor robot platforms navigate?

Outdoor robot platforms are designed to navigate a wide range of terrains, including grass, gravel, dirt, sand, rocky surfaces, and even rugged or hilly landscapes. They often feature enhanced traction and robust suspension systems.

Can outdoor robot platforms handle different weather conditions?

Yes, outdoor robot platforms are built to withstand different weather conditions. They are typically constructed with materials that are resistant to water, dust, and UV radiation. Some platforms may also have additional features like waterproofing and sealed compartments for sensitive electronics.

What applications are outdoor robot platforms suitable for?

Mobile robot chassis have various applications, including outdoor surveillance and security, agriculture and farming tasks, environmental monitoring, search and rescue operations, delivery and logistics in outdoor settings, and exploration of rugged or remote areas.

Can outdoor robot platforms be autonomous?

Yes, outdoor robot platforms can be designed to operate autonomously. They can incorporate sensors like GPS, cameras, LIDAR, and IMUs to perceive their environment and navigate without constant human intervention. Autonomous capabilities enable them to perform tasks efficiently and safely outdoors.

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