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Autonomous Mobile Robot Platform

Autonomous Mobile Robot Platform

  • DIY 

    Customers can customize and develop various functions for their mobile robot platform kit.

  • SLAM

    Our heavy-duty robot platform supports LiDAR SLAM and Visual SLAM, quick positioning and mapping.

  • Obstacles Avoidance

    With intelligent 3D sensors, the robot mobile platform can avoid obstacles at various angles autonomously and maintain stable operation.

  • Anti-skid

    With the anti-skid design at the bottom, the robot mobile platform can move smoothly on the slippery road.

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Fdata Autonomous Robot Platform Highlights

Fdata Autonomous Robot Platform Highlights
robot platform +

IY on the mobile robot platform kit, the client can add any functioning part above, and then make a different mobile service robot.

Obstacles Avoidance

With smart 3D sensors, the mobile robot platform can aware of obstacles at any angle, and keep moving.


When in a state of low power, the autonomous mobile platform will return to the docking station and charge automatically.

AI Voice

Equipped with a smart chips, human-robot interaction changed to be more wonderful.


Combining lidar SLAM and visual SLAM, robots get simultaneous localization and mapping.

Route Planning

Fdata's mobile robot platform support fixed-route setting and autonomous route setting.


By the antiskid design at the bottom, the robot platform can move on the slippery road.

Elevator Communication

The IoT module equipped inside robots and elevators can make robots easily enter and communicate.

Lidar Slam and Visual Slam in Mobile Robot Platform

  • LiDAR SLAM and Visual SLAM are advanced mappings and positioning technologies that are commonly used in mobile robot platforms.

  • LiDAR SLAM uses lasers to create detailed 3D maps of the environment. The LiDAR sensor emits laser beams and measures the time it takes for the beams to bounce back off objects in the environment. By combining these measurements, the heavy-duty robot platform can create a detailed map of the environment in real-time. This map can then be used to navigate the robot through the environment with greater accuracy and speed.

  • Visual SLAM uses cameras and computer vision algorithms to estimate the robot's location and create maps. The camera captures images of the environment, and the computer vision algorithms analyze these images to create a map. The algorithm tracks the robot's movements and uses the changes in the environment from the camera images to update the map. This allows the robot to navigate through the environment with greater accuracy and speed.

  • Both LiDAR SLAM and Visual SLAM are important technologies for mobile robot chassis, as they allow the robot to navigate autonomously through complex environments. These technologies can be used in a variety of applications such as warehouse automation, inspection, and surveillance, where robots need to move quickly and safely through cluttered environments.

Lidar Slam and Visual Slam in Mobile Robot Platform

DIY Robot Platform To Meet Your Use Scenarios

Mobile Heavy Duty Robot Platform Assembly Process

  • Wheels: prepare for the in-wheel motor drive.

  • Prepare for chassis and housings

  • Preparation of IPC, battery, control board, sensor, controller, wire, and other materials.

  • Drive wheel and universal wheel assembly.

  • Industrial control machine, battery, control board, sensors, and controllers assembly in place.

  • Connect the components with wires.

  • Housing assembly.

  • Mobile heavy-duty robot platform testing.

Mobile Heavy Duty Robot Platform Assembly Process

Fast Robots Development Based On Modular Mobile Robot Platform

heavy duty robot chassis

DIY Robot Platform Function

Our DIY robot platform is perfect for users looking to build their own robots. These heavy-duty robot platforms have easy secondary development and integration with customers' apps and other sensors, to meet the requirements of different customers on the platform for DIY custom chassis. In addition, our open API provides users with a simple and reliable way to develop advanced robots For applications, we have a professional team to provide you with technical support including ROS support, and robot hardware support, allowing you to quickly develop your own robot chassis.

With our platform, you can quickly and efficiently program and manufacture robot mobile platforms that meet different scenarios.

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