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Outdoor Robot Platform A008  with high speed 30 km/h

Outdoor Robot Platform A008 with high speed 30 km/h

A008 is an outdoor mobile robot platform that can be expanded and has super athletic ability.

Robotic mobile platforms can be found everywhere in retail, warehousing, manufacturing, agriculture, research, and more. It appeared to help people solve complex problems while also replacing people's repetitive work. More importantly, the emergence of robotic mobility platforms has accelerated social development.

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The A008 mobile robot platform, developed by FDATA, is a robot mobile platform specially designed for outdoor use scenarios. It can easily pass through rough, steep, and muddy roads and supports the ROS system. Through a shared API interface, the mobile robot platform developers can easily integrate their applications which is specially designed for specific use scenarios. We provide customized solutions, including the robot platform's parameters, and sensors, that can be changed based on your particular needs.

Key advantages of the A008 mobile robot platform

· It has a strong battery life, and the recharge mileage can reach ≥150 km when the robot platform is running unladen

· Works all day on a single charge; battery life of up to 15 hours with a full load

· Amazing load capacity, which can carry max. 470 Kg

· With powerful operational capacity, the fully loaded climbing height can reach 20°, which is suitable for outdoor complex environments.

· The maximum speed can reach 30 km/h, reducing the delivery time

Software Highlights of the A008 Robot mobile platform

· Supports OTA, which can remotely diagnose robot platform failures; it has wireless OTA upgrade and repair system function.

· Reserve USB, use Ethernet interface and CAN communication wire control mode; with communication feedback data up to 100Hz and configurable performance parameters.

· It can provide ROS API to meet the users different customization needs

· It has powerful protection strategies, complete vehicle and component failure monitoring, and monitoring data feedback functions with a time line

· It has two driving control modes: speed control and throttle control

· With remote control function, it can control the steering, braking, and switching modes of the accelerator

Electrical configuration Highlights of the A008 robotic platform

· Drive motor power rating and the RPM: rated 3000rpm/peak 6000rpm

· Power of steering EPS motor: 270W; nose-gear steering authority: ±30°

· Braking EHB, steering response delay ≤100ms

· With MacPherson front suspension, rear 4-link structure suspension system, which has super sports ability

Industry Solutions for A008 Robot Platform

· Materials delivery in Factory, like an unmanned forklift

· Security checks at parks, communities, airports, and neighborhoods

· Manned/unmanned material delivery vehicles

· Unmanned driving for research & education

Use Scenarios of A008 Robot Platform

A008 mobile platform with the human-computer interface, integrated with multiple sensors, with a complete navigation system, ROS system, and available API interface, with powerful integration capabilities, and can be quickly integrated into a variety of hardware, software, and devices.

Our robot platform has helped our customers succeed in the logistics, retail, and scientific industries. We have helped customers production of self-driving logistics vehicles and outdoor mobile vending machines, scientific research on self-driving cars, etc., and our team has gained extensive experience with mobile robot platform from these projects; we will bring more professional performance to our customers in the future of robot platform projects, we provide professional robot platform solutions for our customers. If any needs, please feel free to let us know. It will be our great pleasure to support your robot project.

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