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What Kind of Robot is a Qualified Outdoor Disinfection Robot?

The mutation of future viruses and the development of epidemics are still very complex, especially in public places with high population density. How to implement disinfection and killing work safely and efficiently in outdoor scenes is an urgent need. If relying solely on manpower, not only is the efficiency low, but it also tests the physical strength, endurance, and safety of individuals. In the era where technology assists epidemic prevention, disinfection robots are more suitable for large-scale and long-term disinfection work instead of humans. So, what kind of robots are qualified as disinfection robots in healthcare?

Characteristics of disinfection robots

The disinfection robots in healthcare developed by professionals can set disinfection paths and times in advance, providing 360-degree coverage of the entire environmental space, whether it is a flat road, slope, or rugged stone road.

Functional requirements of disinfection robots

The disinfection robots use single nozzle and single-core ultrasonic atomization for disinfection. With a high-power fan, it has a longer range and produces fine and uniform mist, ensuring thorough outdoor disinfection. The robot can work continuously for several hours without getting tired, reducing the labor intensity compared to manual disinfection. Additionally, it can automatically recharge without human intervention, reducing the workload of personnel when conducting outdoor large-scale disinfection work. The robot has a large water tank with a large capacity, avoiding repeated addition of solution to improve work efficiency. It can easily pass through narrow passages and in densely populated outdoor areas, the disinfection robot can perceive obstacles in advance, intelligently avoid them, cross tactile paving, and smoothly traverse uneven surfaces.

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