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Intelligent Robots on Duty: Entertainment Travel Adds Novel Experience

The progress of science and technology promotes the development of intelligent robots. With the emergence of the phenomenon of "Internet + entertainment travel", in the wide application field of intelligent robots, the emergence of some robots not only facilitates our life, but also changes our traditional thinking mode. such as tour guide robots. The tour guide robot is a high-tech product formed by using artificial intelligence, sensors, voice recognition, navigation systems and other technologies.

1. Intelligent service robot intelligent welcome and independent detection

The intelligent service robot can take the initiative to say hello to the tourists at the entrance of the scenic spot or the visitor center. At the same time, the robot will also check the body temperature of the tourists and the wearing of masks and give warnings and warnings; and actively play the scenic spot admission instructions or other customized audio and video advertisements.

2. Intelligent service robot intelligent ticket inspection

Visitors enter the venue through the gate guard robot for personal identification verification, and use its functional advantages such as scanning identification, wireless network communication, and data interaction processing to quickly and efficiently complete the ticket checking task. Support 4G full Netcom, wifi multiple communication modes, stable network environment to ensure the smooth progress of ticket checking. Even in the event of a power outage or other equipment failures, it can still work as usual, with flexible use to meet the ticket checking needs of various scenic spots. At the same time, the gate guard robot collects statistics on various data such as the number of ticket inspections, ticket inspection results, the number of people entering the park, and the number of people passing through each entrance, and exports data reports to facilitate financial summary and facilitate scenic spot supervision.

3. Intelligent service robot intelligent tour guide

The intelligent service robot is equipped with a high-definition display screen and a tweeter speaker, which can carry out knowledge promotion, publicity and education, policy communication, and important information reminders. Guided or fixed-point explanations in the scenic spot. The robot moves by planning the path in advance, and at the same time explains the audio and video attractions along the road, and returns to the origin after introducing all the points. Staff can speak remotely and conduct guiding behaviors.

4. Intelligent epidemic prevention and comprehensive elimination of intelligent service robots

The epidemic prevention and control is normalized, and the cleaning and disinfection of public areas is completed with the help of science and technology, which liberates manpower and improves the quality of cleaning and disinfection. By setting relevant parameters in advance, professional service robots can automatically perform disinfection and cleaning tasks as planned. The nighttime safety mode frees the staff from heavy disinfecting tasks, improves efficiency and provides a strong peace of mind. During the cleaning and disinfection process, the staff can check the working status of the robot in real time through the background or small programs. If there is a problem, they can take measures as soon as possible to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the robot. The background also records the cleaning and disinfection data of the robot in real time for the staff to view.

The robot does not need to be trained in product knowledge and understand the historical background of the scenic spot, but only needs to copy those "memory" through script entry. In this way, the staff can spend more time and energy dealing with other scenic spots. While speeding up the efficiency of navigation and interpretation in the scenic spot, it effectively improves the experience of tourists. At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is still complicated and severe, and the cultural tourism industry is suffering a lot. "Hiring" intelligent service robots as employees of scenic spots will help to resume operations in cultural tourism enterprises, and stand out in today's single, homogeneous competition model and service model of the cultural tourism industry.

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