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28 07, 2022
Longhorn's 22nd Summer Games
Longhorn Group Organizational Structure Founded in 1995, Longhorn Group consists of Automotive Electronic, Intelligent Material, and Fdata. Automotive Electronic focuses on developing and producing automotive electronics; Intelligent Material focuses on developing and producing LED lighting products; Fdata focuses on developing and manufacturing robot solutions.
01 03, 2022
Fdata Team Climbed Yangtai Mountain To Start The New Year 2022
At the beginning of 2022, our team(Fdata) pay a visit to Yantai Mountain. Climbing mountains will teach you patience, persistence and gratitude they will teach you how to be positive.
09 02, 2022
Fdata Will Attend Seamless Dubai Event 2019
Seamless is the key meeting place for this brave new world of commerce. It is an event built on 20 years of experience, bringing pioneers and leaders in payments, commerce, and retail.
04 01, 2022
Fdata Teamwork on Sea Round off in 2019
Listening to music in the sea, looking into the distance with blue sky and white clouds, breathing fresh air, part of the business team and development team from Fdata led by the CEO went to Huizhou.
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