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Fdata Teamwork on Sea Round off in 2019

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Listening to music into the sea, looking into the distance with blue sky and white clouds, breathing fresh air, part of business team and development team from Fdata led by CEO went to Huizhou for outdoor bound teamwork activities.

Huizhou is one of China’s famous historical and cultural Cities. It has been ‘strategic town in Yuet Tung’ since the Sui and Tang ynasties period, becoming the vast wholesale and politic, economic, martial and culture center of East River basin. Su Dongpo, the famous literary giant in Song dynasty, lived here for a fairly long period of time. This is also the place where members of Fdata experienced a nice 2-day trip.

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Games like Battle-hardened soldier, cryptanalysis and canoe, not only enhanced the communication and cultivated tacit understanding between colleges, but also increased morale, making members more confident and prepared to face new challenges. We are expecting a more brilliant performance in the second half of year 2019.

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FDATA offers customized solutions including smart payment, mobile payment, fiscal/tax control system, logistics (express) system, lottery gaming system, cash register system, smart property system, smart ticketing, smart customer service, smart transportation, financial innovation, IOT (internet of things), and cloud computing etc.

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