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26 03, 2022
Current Development Situation of Security Robots
At present, robot applications have penetrated into various industries, but due to cost and safety factors, the market has not been fully opened. China has begun to support the robot industry.
08 03, 2022
Analysis of The Four Major Development Trends of Logistics Robots
Trend 1: More flexible operation process of a logistics robot flexible here is relative to the manufacturing process.
02 03, 2022
Main Technologies of Robot Chassis
Positioning and navigation technology is the key to realize the autonomous movement of robots. Because of the high threshold of positioning and navigation technology.
06 02, 2022
Interpretation of Indoor Robot Positioning Technology
Positioning technology is the most basic link for indoor robots to achieve autonomous positioning and navigation.
01 01, 2022
The Difference Between Crawler Robot Chassis and Wheeled Robot Chassis
Different robot products have different requirements for chassis. For example, sweeping robots need low-cost laser navigation solutions, other service robots need flexible and safe lidar + vision.
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