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Main Technologies of Robot Chassis

Positioning and navigation technology is the key to realize autonomous movement of robots. Because of the high threshold of positioning and navigation technology, more and more robot enterprises carry out upper development directly based on the robot chassis, which can help robot enterprises to reduce the cost of research and development, and quickly seize the market opportunities.

The robot chassis integrates a number of different sensors, including lidar, vision, ultrasonic, infrared sensors, as well as the necessary suspension such as wheels. It is the algorithms and software that assemble the hardware. The robot chassis bears the basic functions of the robot itself, such as positioning, navigation and obstacle avoidance, which can help the robot realize intelligent walking. Users can carry different applications according to actual needs, which can be widely used in restaurants, shopping malls, banks, office buildings and other scenarios without external environment adjustment and programming settings.


Main Technologies of Robot Chassis

In general, there are mainly technologies of the robot chassis including heavy duty robot chassis:

1. Positioning and mapping

The robot chassis adopts the leading SLAM technology in China. Not only does the robot know its surroundings, but it can also recognize where it is.At the same time, SharpEdge composition technology is used to construct cm high precision map.

2. Plan paths

In addition to adopting the leading SLAM technology in China, it also integrates various sensor data such as lidar, depth camera, ultrasonic, and anti-drop. With the navigation algorithm, the robot can plan the walking route more flexibly.

When obstacles appear above the radar scanning area, the robot will use the fusion navigation technology to comprehensively perceive the surrounding environment through sensors such as depth camera, ultrasonic wave, and radar to avoid obstacles and replan the route. The robot uses ultrasonic sensors to accurately detect obstacles in high-permeability materials such as glass and mirrors, so as to avoid them in time before approaching these objects.

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Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance of Robot Chassis

As a professional and responsible company, Fdata provides guidance. After obtaining its own positioning and map data, the robot can avoid obstacles and plan routes independently, because the robot chassis adopts the autonomous positioning and navigation algorithm independently developed by Jinyuan Technology. The robot can move between various obstacles with ease.

Shopping guide robots can provide basic banking services, such as product and service display, voice dialogue, the intelligent number taking and reporting independent printing, audio and video recording, autonomous patrol, autonomous charging, audio, and video monitoring, and abnormal situation alarm. It not only lightened the work burden of bank staff but also brought fresh, convenient, intelligent, and technological user experience to consumers, so they are deeply loved by bank staff and consumers.

Shopping guide robots can move autonomously without human control. It is free from interference and provides real-time dynamic navigation to guide customers to their destinations quickly.

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