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Intelligent Sterilization Robots Provide Strong Guarantee for the Management of Modern Hospitals

With the rapid development of the economy, residents' demand for health services is on the rise as a whole, and the disinfection product industry has ushered in important market opportunities. Disinfection products are preparations used to kill pathogenic microorganisms on the transmission medium to make them harmless. Unlike antibiotics, their main role in disease prevention is to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms outside the human body and cut off the spread of infectious diseases. ways to control infectious diseases.

During the new crown epidemic, disinfection is particularly important as one of the main external measures to fight the epidemic. As a high-tech enterprise that provides intelligent medical robots, medical equipment, and medical information product solutions for intelligent medical care, the manufacturer has independently developed disinfectant bots, which integrate autonomous positioning and navigation, multi-mode disinfection, friendly human-computer interaction, intelligent scheduling management, etc. All-in-one intelligent disinfection equipment. The micron-level atomization disinfection combined with the multi-angle UV lamp disinfection function provides a comprehensive and efficient disinfection and sterilization guarantee for the air environment in the scene, and provides a strong guarantee for the prevention and control of nosocomial infection in modern hospitals.

1. Hospital sanitizing robots are efficient

(1) Multi-angle stereo spray of automatic lifting nozzle, 360° without dead angle.

(2) Ultra-dry atomized disinfectant with good dispersibility and full coverage.

(3) The hospital sanitizing robot adopts high-power purple light, which has high disinfection efficiency.

(4) Disinfection can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

2. The intelligence of hospital sanitizing robots

(1) The task configuration tool can be used to configure the task time, route, content, walking frequency, task planning, etc. for the robot on-site.

(2) The intelligent disinfection robot automates disinfection, and starts the automated disinfection process by pressing buttons, remote control or timed tasks.

(3) Monitor the working status of the robot at any time, automatically save work records, autonomous navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, autonomous charging, and more worry-free from manual operation.

3. Safety of hospital sterilization robots

(1) Ultra-dry atomized disinfectant, no residue in the disinfection process, safer.

(2) Separation of man and machine to reduce personal contact and effectively reduce the risk of infection.

(3) A human body induction module is installed to automatically turn off the purple light when someone approaches to ensure the safety of personnel.

It is slightly different from traditional disinfection methods. The intelligent hospital cleaning robots mainly completes the spraying process by diffusing dry mist to the area that needs to be sterilized. When the average diameter of the droplets is less than 10 microns, the sprayed mist can be called "dry"; these properties of the dry mist make it diffuse well, leave no dead corners during disinfection and sterilization, and do not corrode equipment and color steel plates. and walls. Studies have shown that the smaller the atomized particles, the longer the suspension time in the air, the better the chance of full contact with bacteria in the air to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization. With the gradual deepening of people's understanding of disinfection products, coupled with the awakening of people's health awareness, the demand for disinfection products has gradually increased, driving the growth of production; professional predictions have been made for the development trend of the disinfection industry in the next few years.

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