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"technology Soldiers" in the Anti-epidemic War: Hotel Intelligent Delivery Robots

In the post-epidemic era, hotel performance is gradually recovering, but the unstable market demand brought about by the repeated epidemics makes hotels need to deal with huge challenges in cost control and service experience; hotel guests' check-in safety, personal privacy, and protection and hygiene are also particularly important. Therefore, the market of hotel intelligent service robots came into being.

As the carrier of technology and artificial intelligence, "robot" is the best way to reflect technology to serve human beings. The most common way sci-fi movies are used to embody future technology is the "robot vs. human" drama. Now, customer service robots can also act as "tech soldiers", providing us with happy, assured and caring services.

1. Intelligent delivery hotel robot function

(1) Intelligent guidance: The hotel delivery robot guides the guests to the room without manual work.

(2) Item delivery: 24H online, proactively notify users to deliver items, "contactless delivery", "safe and fast".

(3) Intelligent travel: Dynamic and autonomous planning of paths to easily avoid obstacles.

(4) Self-recharging: automatic back-to-pile charging, low-power early warning mechanism, low-power automatic back-to-pile charging, so that the robot can remain on standby at any time.

Through the mutual assistance of the room service robots and the service personnel, the service personnel are released from the frequent routine high-frequency room delivery work, and their energy is devoted to more warm personalized services. For the hotel to reduce costs and improve efficiency, the hotel can achieve value-added services such as service improvement, team stability, increased praise, and premium income improvement, as well as more space for income improvement. At the same time, after adding service robots, the working hours of welcoming guests and delivering goods every day are equivalent to saving 1 manpower for the whole month.

2. The value of intelligent hotel robots

(1) Portability: For front-line hotel employees, the operation in practical application scenarios is very convenient. With a display screen and a cloud platform to manage the background, employees can summon the robot with just one key, and can monitor the working process and status of the hotel robot in the background.

(2) Comfort: The delivery time for a single trip of the robot is within 3 minutes. Compared with the peak service period, customers feel a faster service response.

(3) Technological: Robots enter the hotel, adding a smart and technological hospitality impression to the hotel. Active obstacle avoidance, elevator interconnection, guest room phone notification, security patrol and other high-tech integration.

(4) Privacy: When delivering things, the hotel service robot waits at the door for guests to come out to pick up things, avoiding the awkward scene of strangers' first contact. Night delivery or personal item delivery, delivered by robot makes guests feel more relaxed and natural.

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