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Why Have Security Robots Become a New Choice for Enterprises to Break the Situation?

Driven by the wave of robots, almost every job has a trace of robots. Many robots can also save humans from dangerous and messy work environments, greatly improving efficiency and reducing costs while protecting human safety. Outdoor security robots are a very representative one.

1. The role of security robots

At present, security robots mainly include monitoring robot, smart surveillance robot, and special robot. Automated security robot plays an important role in security prevention, monitoring patrols, and anti-terrorism emergency response: intelligent inspection robots are applied to special places such as security inspections, power inspections, and track inspections due to their special advantages of environmental response and strong performance; monitoring robots are both It can replace people to complete monitoring and security work in important occasions, and can also realize data collection to form a complete monitoring system; and anti-terrorism is an important application direction of special robots. Whether it is reconnaissance assault or explosion-proof dismantling, it is inseparable from anti-terrorism robots. These robots have created an ever-expanding market of applications, building a palpable future.

2. Security robots have become a new choice for enterprises to break the situation

In the past, the security market system was mainly realized by "civil air defense + physical defense", but with the emergence of scientific and technological problems such as illegal means, the old security system of "civil air defense + physical defense" is far from being applicable to modern needs. At this time, scientific and technological forces It is especially important. At the moment when the security situation is becoming more and more severe, the continuous improvement of artificial intelligence and service will push the security robot to a greater development space, and the prospect of the security robot is promising. Security robots are equipped with a large number of high-performance sensors. With the maturity of robot-related technologies, security robots have become a common choice for security companies and employers to break the situation.

Security robots are slowly moving from static to dynamic, from passive to active. In the long run, replacing manpower is inevitable for technological development, and there is no doubt about the massive demand. But at present, the problem of difficulty in landing has also been plaguing enterprises. The forms and service scenarios of security robots are widely and diverse, and the society pays more attention to its practical value, rather than staying in theory. Whether security robots can replace video surveillance and security personnel and become the new favorite in the security field remains to be verified by the market.

The security robot solution provided by Fdata robot can be used for patrol, special operation, danger alarm, troubleshooting, setting automatic obstacle avoidance, fixed-point voice broadcast, face recognition, all-round video surveillance, one-key SOS alarm, face recognition, Environmental monitoring, voice intercom, etc. It is a multi-functional security patrol robot that can meet the security needs of smart cities, residential quarters, commercial plazas, industrial parks, border ports and other places.

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