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What Are the Advantages of Warehouse Logistics Robots?

With the development of intelligent technology, warehouse logistics robots have appeared in more and more warehouses. So why are expensive warehouse robots so favored by industry professionals? In this article, we will take a look at warehousing. What are the benefits of robots.

1. After the emergence of warehouse logistics robots, the working mode of enterprise warehouses in the market has undergone tremendous changes

In the past, corporate warehouses were operated manually. The disadvantage was that it would increase the fatigue of employees, and manual operations often made more or less errors according to the meticulousness of different employees. The use of intelligent robots can effectively avoid these problems. The working modes of the robots are fixed, so there will be no problems in details, and at the same time, the operation labor of the entire warehouse can be effectively improved.

In addition to warehousing robots, there will be other automated intelligent equipment in the intelligent warehousing system. The most typical example is the automated security robot. The automated security robot is mainly responsible for the transportation of goods in the warehouse. But unlike other large-scale transportation equipment, automated security robots are mainly responsible for the transportation of some small, light-weight goods.

2. Ten advantages of using intelligent warehouse logistics robots

(1) Improve logistics management: warehouse logistics robots can make the goods more orderly, tidy and standardized.

(2) Reliable scheduling capability: data analysis and remote control through the central control system.

(3) Prevention of damage to goods: If manual handling of goods is carried out, the product may be damaged due to irregular operation or negligence of manual labor, but handling by automated security robots can avoid this mistake caused by the enterprise. loss.

(4) Flexible site requirements: automated security robots require a much narrower roadway than traditional forklifts, and the system can change the changing path anytime and anywhere.

(5) Long-distance transportation: Robots in warehouse logistics can effectively carry out transportation at any site, reducing waste of human resources.

(6) Optimize the process flow: The robot can easily connect many processes according to the needs, and more intuitively find the rationality of the process arrangement of the site.

(7) Special working environment: Robots in warehouse logistics can work in environments where personnel are not suitable or have potential safety hazards.

(8) Safety: The guided movement path of the robot is very clear, and it will automatically stop when encountering obstacles on the driving path, while the human-driven vehicle is biased due to human judgment, thus improving the safety.

(9) Cost control: Robots in warehouse logistics can save a lot of labor and quickly recover investment, and at the same time increase the employee turnover rate for boring mechanical handling work.

(10) Make reasonable use of the existing area, improve the corporate image and workshop cleanliness, and realize unmanned production.

The rational use of warehousing automated security robots by enterprises can effectively improve working conditions and environment, improve the level of automated manufacturing and production, effectively liberate labor, eliminate outdated traditional production processes and equipment, save manpower, material resources and financial resources, and create a man-machine friendly production. environment, and establish a good corporate image. While obtaining good economic benefits for the enterprise, it also obtained good social benefits.

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