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How to Choose Commercial Cleaning Robots?

As a new round of technological revolution, artificial intelligence promotes the development of enterprises towards intelligence, continuously integrates with traditional manufacturing enterprises in the underlying technology, and intelligently enhances various aspects of products, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. Commercial cleaning robots are mainly used for indoor and outdoor ground cleaning in places such as hotels, schools, airports, and shopping malls.

Advantages of the UV cleaning robot

With the development of intelligent technology, intelligent robots are widely used in people's lives, and cleaning robots are one of them. They have played a big role not only in the home field, but also in the commercial field. So, what are the advantages of the commercial UV cleaning robot compared to traditional manual cleaning?

Sustainable work

Compared with manual cleaning, the sustainability of ultraviolet light cleaning robot has a great advantage. It works through pre-set programs, and the entire cleaning process is uninterrupted. However, manual cleaning cannot meet such requirements, and people may inevitably be lazy and need rest. When dealing with environments where cleaning workloads are high, the sustainability advantage of robots will be more obvious.

Avoid personnel contact

The commercial UV cleaning robot can also be used for cleaning in special environments. For example, in epidemic prevention work, in order to avoid personnel contact, robots can be used for cleaning. In the past few years of epidemic prevention work, this cleaning robot has played a huge role, which not only ensures the cleanliness of the environment, but also reduces the risk of personnel contact.

Lower cost of use

With the continuous improvement of UV cleaning robot technology, the areas where they can be applied will only become more and more extensive. Compared with manual cleaning, this robot cleaning method has obvious cost advantages. The cost of using manual cleaning is not only salary, but also social security, management and other aspects, which do not exist for robots.

Selection factors of the UV cleaning robot

After years of development, UV cleaning robots have made great breakthroughs in technology and played a great role in practical applications. From ordinary household cleaning robots to commercial cleaning robots, it can be seen that the progress of this industry is very fast. In the commercial field, the requirements for robots will be higher.

Obstacle avoidance ability

Commercial and household robots are different. As a commercial cleaning robot, it needs to have stronger obstacle avoidance ability. The environmental use of these robots will be more complicated, because they are in places where human traffic is large, such as airports, train stations, shopping malls, etc. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to consider whether these products have multiple obstacle avoidance capabilities.

Endurance ability

Commercial cleaning robots need to work for a long time. If the endurance ability cannot keep up, they will not be able to meet actual needs. There are many such commercial cleaning robot products on the market, but their actual endurance ability is uneven, so it is particularly important to pay attention to whether they have an advantage in endurance when choosing.

Cleaning ability

The cleaning ability of the UV cleaning robot depends largely on their suction power. If the suction power is insufficient, they will not be able to effectively clean the ground. As a commercial robot, full consideration should be given to its suction power.

When choosing the commercial UV cleaning robot, the above factors are necessary to consider. In addition, try to choose reputable big brands, which will provide greater guarantees in terms of performance and quality.

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