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Smart Disinfectant Robots Contribute to the Epidemic

Entering the post-epidemic era, disinfection operations, as one of the main means of preventing and controlling the spread of the virus, will become the daily work in public places such as hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, railway stations, and airports for a long time. Therefore, doing a good job of disinfection is an important part that many companies need to face in the fight against the epidemic.

The emergence of the intelligent disinfection robot, replacing manual labor with intelligent robots, greatly overcomes the difficulties of traditional manual labor to maintain high-intensity disinfection frequency when performing disinfection tasks, cannot achieve 360° comprehensive disinfection, and has the risk of cross-infection, effectively improving disinfection. disinfect work efficiency and effectiveness. The application of intelligent disinfectant robots is an excellent choice with complete practical value under the epidemic.

1. The efficiency improvement of intelligent disinfectant robots

Traditional manual disinfection has a large workload, and it is difficult to measure quantitative indicators such as completion rate and pass rate. The non-contact "on-duty" intelligent disinfection robot can spray and disinfect indoor air and ground through the disinfection device system and hardware equipment, and perform automatic, efficient and accurate disinfection and sterilization operations according to the set location or route. At the same time, compared with manual labor, disinfectant robots like our spray disinfection robot and UVC disinfection robot can achieve a 1:N replacement rate, which not only brings safety guarantees, but also greatly reduces the employment cost of enterprises.


2. The value of intelligent disinfectant robots

(1) Safety: Unattended disinfection without manual contact.

(2) Expansion: The temperature measurement function has a reminder of not wearing a mask, not wearing gloves, and can also perform daily inspection tasks.

(3) Intuitiveness: flexible task setting, scheduled disinfecting, fixed route for disinfecting, traceable operation log, and quantified results.

(4) Efficiency: fast disinfecting, real-time monitoring, following the task setting, and the disinfecting effect is stable.

(5) Interactivity: Multi-modal interaction such as mobile phones and small programs, humanized operation, intelligent prompts of AI voice assistants, various lighting reminders, remote real-time video, and positioning monitoring.

Disinfection is a key link in implementing "human-object-environment co-prevention" and blocking the spread of germs, which is of great significance. With its efficient and stable mobility, the intelligent disinfection robot can complete the disinfection task with zero contact, high efficiency and all aspects. The application of automation technology realizes the separation of man and machine, always guarantees the ability of unmanned operation of the machine and guarantees the safety of operation, and greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise. At present, it is the general trend to achieve the goal of "scientific, safe and efficient" disinfection. Looking forward to the intelligent disinfection robot can play more value and be applied to more scenarios, let's build a strong line of security together!

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