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How Will Security Robots Change Your Life?

At present, the traditional security industry is accelerating the integration and application of artificial intelligence in the field. Driven by the needs of smart city construction, security robots have begun to be more and more applied in different scenarios, boosting the intelligent upgrade of the security industry. After nearly 10 years of vigorous development, the robot industry has begun to take shape. The innovation ability of related robots has been significantly enhanced, key technologies have achieved important breakthroughs, and the development of key components has also made significant progress, and the industry development order has become increasingly standardized.

1. Security robots can solve repetitive trivial tasks and provide efficient, professional and scientific security services

The use of security robots on the ground can greatly reduce the heavy and repetitive work intensity of traditional security guards, and greatly reduce the number of security personnel in enterprises, thereby reducing employment costs and work-related injury risks. At the same time, users do not need to worry about the high mobility of security personnel, and the robot can maintain efficient, professional and scientific security services for a long time. For example, whenever it is quiet in the early morning and late at night, the security robot can be tireless and maintain uninterrupted and precise patrols. If it finds a suspicious person, it will immediately make a judgment and notify the background control personnel of the video information, so that it can perform manual secondary confirmation and deal with sudden abnormalities in time.

2. The security robot has advanced module configuration, which can walk freely in complex and harsh environments

From physical form, hardware interaction form, to software interaction form, invisible technology can bring people a clear perception. The security robot has a complete motion module, alarm system, and automatic charging system. You will never lose it or collide with it. They can patrol 24 hours outdoors, 360-degree panoramic monitoring, monitoring and early warning, remote disposal, and two-way intercom. Its chassis is an autonomous driving-level mobile platform, including three fusion algorithms of lidar, millimeter-wave radar, and RTK positioning, as well as the assistance of a variety of sensors. Users can independently set patrol points, patrol routes and patrol times to establish a complete patrol plan. Based on the system's autonomous navigation algorithm, the robot autonomously plans the optimal path to ensure that it reaches the specified target point in the shortest time and the shortest path. Therefore, robots as security guards can be applied to most outdoor scenarios. In addition, the security patrol robot has reached IP55 or higher waterproof and dustproof and 6-level wind resistance, can adapt to a variety of complex road environments such as soft, muddy, gentle slopes, steps, etc., and can also be used in harsh environments such as high temperature and low temperature. Carry out inspections.

3. The security robot realizes panoramic intelligent detection and achieves a second-level response speed

The binocular head mounted on the security robot includes a visible light module and a thermal imaging module. The security robot also has a smooth voice interaction system, which can broadcast and guide. In the future, security robots with intelligent functions such as automatic inspections, security alarms, and voice broadcast services are expected to become the standard for community security. The security robot can patrol continuously and monitor the community infrastructure, vehicle management, and personnel access in real time. Moreover, through its self-developed face recognition algorithm, it can actively identify and distinguish people with special indications, and compare it with the data in the database in real time to find suspicious molecules and proactively give early warnings, achieving a second-level response speed.

The security robot is an unmanned inspection system based on 5G communication. It is an equipment that integrates technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and sensors. The value of its products is reflected in four aspects: reducing labor costs, improving patrol efficiency, investigating potential safety hazards, and effectively curbing crime. The application of security patrol robots starts from few people and no one, important dangers, and closed scenarios. Now, robots are beginning to move towards many people, complex and open scenarios.

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