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How to Apply Disinfection Robots in Hospital Departments?

Hospitals are gathering places for patients, and the management of hospital infection prevention and control is directly related to the development of medical high-tech technology. It is an important task to ensure medical safety, prevent medical accidents, and protect the health of patients and medical staff. However, hospitals have complex scenes and involve many departments. The requirements for disinfection in different areas are also different. This requires disinfection robots to have different disinfection modes and customizable precision plans to improve operational efficiency while meeting disinfection requirements.

With the continuous development of science and technology, computer and artificial intelligence technology has begun to penetrate various areas of the medical field. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people's attention to hospital environment and nosocomial infection problems has gradually increased. Disinfection robots have become a hot spot in medical service robots. During the epidemic prevention period and the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, disinfection robots that go to the front line of hospitals have become the stars of epidemic prevention.

The disinfection robot uses ultraviolet light + super dry mist disinfection mode

The disinfection robot supports multiple intelligent disinfection modes such as autonomous planning paths, area disinfection, on-the-way disinfection, instant tasks, scheduled tasks, and remote tasks. It can customize precise disinfection plans based on the requirements of different areas in the hospital. After disinfection, the disinfection robot will record and upload various disinfection data in real-time, forming standardized disinfection logs and achieving comprehensive statistics of disinfection results. On the basis of comprehensive disinfection, when the robot senses human activity, the ultraviolet light will automatically turn off to avoid the harm that ultraviolet light may cause to medical staff during the disinfection process, assisting hospitals in fine and intelligent management.

The important role of disinfection robots in hospitals

Hospital infections not only increase the suffering of patients and the workload of medical staff but also reduce the bed turnover rate and cause significant economic losses to patients and society. Therefore, it is crucial to have a scientific and reliable disinfection robot disinfection plan and stable robot operation in the entire hospital.

Currently, disinfection robots have been put into use in clinical departments such as outpatient clinics, operating rooms, various wards, and laboratories in multiple hospitals. They assist hospitals in implementing, tracking, and controlling disinfection work, helping to improve the level of hospital infection prevention and control management.

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