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Product Features and Effects of Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot

The epidemic prevention service UV disinfection robot is a laser mobile AGV base as the carrier, integrating the spray disinfection system and UV disinfection system, combined with the intelligent movement and autonomous work characteristics of the mobile robot, achieving automatic and full-area spraying and disinfection of disinfectant and rapid UV sterilization, without manual participation, reducing the workload and infection risk of personnel.

The epidemic prevention service disinfection robot is suitable for regular disinfection of biosafety laboratories, infectious disease wards, ICUs, inspection departments, research institutes, dust-free workshops, schools, food companies and other places that require space.

Features of UV disinfection robot

  • Using robots as carriers, autonomously moving and disinfecting the surface of environmental objects and air, intelligent disinfection and sterilization system.

  • Optional infrared camera for automatic temperature measurement and automatic alarm for abnormal temperature.

  • It is suitable for areas with large flow of people, dense population, such as shopping malls, public places, offices, production and processing areas, and fully compensates for the deficiencies of traditional fixed air disinfection machines, UV lamps, and chemical fumigation methods.

  • The UV disinfection robot is equipped with UV lamps to cover disinfection in all directions, achieving a good disinfection effect on the surface of environmental objects and air.

  • The UV disinfection robot has autonomous navigation technology and autonomous movement, as well as automatic obstacle avoidance function.

  • The autonomous charging system ensures uninterrupted operation for 24 hours.

  • The UV disinfection robot uses UV lamps with non-ozone wavelength, making the disinfection process safer, non-toxic, and residue-free.

  • The disinfection robot has autonomous navigation technology and autonomous movement, can recognize items in the environment, achieve autonomous obstacle avoidance, is equipped with disinfection management software, automatically calculates disinfection time based on the space area, quantitatively manages the disinfection process, and the robot operates intelligently throughout the whole process to ensure the safety of personnel.

  • Optional temperature camera can be placed in places with large flow of people, such as the entrance, to automatically monitor the body temperature of passing personnel and sound an alarm if the temperature exceeds the set threshold. It avoids close-range temperature measurement and effectively prevents close contact with infected individuals.

Disinfection effect of UV disinfection robot

The epidemic prevention service UV disinfection robot uses short-wave UVC ultraviolet light for disinfection and sterilization, and it can effectively achieve the disinfection effect within a few minutes by destroying the DNA and RNA of pathogens, causing their death. After testing, in the high-level disinfection mode, it can completely achieve the required sterilization effect on spores and various multidrug-resistant bacteria on environmental surfaces (smooth surfaces, rough porous surfaces).

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