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Outdoor mobile robot platform A005 Ackerman Chassis

Outdoor mobile robot platform A005 Ackerman Chassis

A005: A extendible, reliable, and proven mobile robotics platform.

A005 platform has Ackermann steering, high torque rear drive, payload 100KG, bridge suspension system, and CAN communication. So you can quickly carry out secondary development and quickly add or subtract other sensors and peripherals to suit your robotics scenario. Because of its flexibility and strong payload capacity, A005 is widely used in logistics unmanned delivery vehicles, retail mobile kiosks, security industry patrol robots, and scientific research unmanned vehicles.

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Main features of A005 chassis

· Bridge suspension and Ackermann steering with a minimum steering angle of 0.5°

· Payload 100KG, it‘s your competent handling assistant

· All-terrain design, capable of climbing 10° slope and crossing 5cm high obstacles under full load of 100KG

· The highest fully load 100KG speed 8km/h, become your fastest driverless high load last mile material delivery robot cart

· Charging time 4 hours, and can walk 20Km with fully load

· Front and rear collision sensors design, ensuring road driving safety.

Highlights of excellent A005 wire-controlled chassis:

If you don’t understand the A005 remote-controlled platform, below is a brief summary;

1. Steer-by-wire: A tried and true chassis

· The technical standard of A005 is the steering-by-wire system automotive grade, and the tire steering accuracy can reach 0.5°

· The platform has passed laboratory reliability tests and is a proven platform. Wire controller fatigue test 125,000 cycles, 7,700,000 current cycles; steering fatigue wear test 50,000 cycles.

2. Wire-controlled parking: powerful slope parking capability

· This chassis with strong parking ability can firmly hold the car while driving on slopes. If there is a sudden power failure or emergency braking, you don't have to worry about the chassis rolling down because it has a strong drive-by-wire ability to park.

· Front and rear collision avoidance design. In the event of an emergency, it will automatically park

3. Wire-controlled power: it is your ideal material delivery driverless vehicle

· Super payload: 100KG

· Speed: 8KM/H, full load speed driving

In which scenarios have this wire-controlled chassis A005 been used?

A005 has flexibility and super payload capacity. Now A005 has been widely used in the last mile delivery logistics vehicle, is the best mover in the logistics and distribution industry,

There are anti-collision strips at the front and rear of the body and also equipped with radar, camera, ultrasonic, anti-collision sensor and real-time data transmission function. In the case of no human interference, you can rest assured that it can complete your courier delivery tasks, and improve efficiency, freeing up more time for you to work more efficiently; please watch the video to understand the excellent performance of A005 in logistics delivery.

In addition, A005 has also been used by our customers for secondary development, replacing security inspectors in the security industry, refueling robots in mobile gas stations, and achieved great performance in unmanned research projects in scientific research.

Technical Specifications of A005 Chassis

· Battery voltage: 48V/20AH; charging time: 4H; battery life: 20KM

· The integral bridge suspension system

· Ackermann steering. Front-wheel steering wheel,  rear driving wheel

· The climbing height when fully loaded is 10°, and the climbing height when no load is 20°

· Maximum operation speed: 8KM/H

· Unload obstacle clearance capability: 9cm

· Body Dimension: 1.2*0.765*0.490M

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