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New Technology of Fogging Disinfection Robot Protecting the Environment

The World Health Organization's official website states that it is not recommended to implement large-scale spraying measures in streets and other large outdoor spaces. This is because even spraying disinfectants outdoors can be harmful, irritating, or damaging to the eyes, respiratory system, and so on. The explanation given by the World Health Organization is that dirt or waste materials can render disinfectants ineffective, and the effects of spraying on sidewalks and other areas are minimal. Regardless of the circumstances, it is not advisable to directly spray disinfectants on people, as this not only fails to completely eliminate viruses but also harms the body. Chemicals such as chlorine solution used in spraying can also irritate the eyes and skin, causing nausea and vomiting.

The emergence of fogging robots is for better comprehensive disinfection

What is fogging? It means the robot acts as a carrier with an internal device system. Disinfectants are poured into the robot and the disinfectants are atomized through the device. The wind system of the fogging robot quickly diffuses the atomized disinfectant to every space, thereby improving the comprehensiveness of disinfection and killing.

Characteristics of fogging robots

The fogging robot can spray an area of more than 22,000 square meters per tank and can work continuously for more than 8 hours. When the power is below 20%, it will automatically return to the charging dock to complete the charging process. It can achieve millisecond-level intelligent obstacle avoidance through multiple sensors and laser radar fusion technology for precise positioning and obstacle avoidance in complex environments. It can also be set to work at different time periods, with predetermined time points and target points, automatically executing disinfection tasks at specific time intervals, making it more intelligent without human intervention. It can automatically go up and down stairs, walk on blind roads, and disinfect 360 degrees without dead angles.

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