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What Scenarios Are Security Robots Used In?

With the overall improvement of the country's economy, the development of science and technology has entered a new field, and the robot images that only existed in mind fantasy and movies in the past have jumped into reality. Today, with the further improvement of technology, artificial intelligence robots have been greatly improved in function and performance. In the future, fewer and fewer people are willing to do simple and highly repetitive jobs. Therefore, driven by this rigid demand, intelligent security robots emerged as the times require. At present, security robots have been able to replace humans in some monotonous, repetitive, long-term or dangerous environments.

1. Security robots are widely used in industrial, commercial, civil, police and other fields

Driven by the new concept of robot + security, robots are deeply involved in the field of smart security, providing multi-scenario mobile robot products and application solutions for smart parks. The security robot carries detection devices such as thermal imaging cameras and visible light cameras, and transmits images and data to the operation service center or the cloud.

At present, the application scenarios of autonomous security robots are mainly divided into two categories: closed environment and open environment. The application scenarios of a closed environment are mainly computer room inspection (data center, telecommunications computer room), e-commerce warehouse, electric power inspection (substation, transmission, and distribution line, nuclear power plant), major hazard areas, prisons, etc. The application scenarios of the open environment are main airports, commercial centers, communities, parks, factories, squares, large-scale event venues, etc. Taking the security patrol robot used in power inspection as an example, it can be equipped with an infrared temperature-sensing camera to monitor the power equipment in the entire operating area. Once an abnormal situation occurs, it will report an alarm to the monitoring platform. In some residential areas and storage warehouses, robots responsible for security patrols can work 24 hours a day, solving the problem of night patrols in key areas such as parks and warehouses.

Ⅱ. Security robots will also appear around the public in different identities

An automated security robot can be on duty 24 hours a day at airports, stations or commercial centers, even in bad weather, to check potential safety hazards in stations and prevent fires and other problems. At the same time, the intelligent analysis system is used to analyze the flow data of different areas, so as to realize real-time monitoring, data analysis, and safety warning of the flow of people at the station, so as to ensure the travel safety of passengers. Driven by the demand for smart city construction, security robots have been applied to more and more scenarios.

1. It on the road

The intelligent security robot realizes intelligent parking, intelligent patrol inspection, and intelligent data analysis according to the established procedures, uses the intelligent analysis system to analyze the flow data of different areas, and realizes the real-time monitoring, data analysis and safety warning of the flow of people in the station.

2. Intelligent security guards in daily life

In order to meet the security requirements of the community, conventional security personnel have begun to be stretched, while the smart surveillance robot can perform uninterrupted patrols, real-time monitoring of community infrastructure, vehicle management, and personnel entry and exit, and will issue an alarm if it finds unreasonable phenomena or people with suspicious whereabouts.

3. Contribute to a safe society

In response to large-scale accidents, for the safety protection of rescuers, security robots have appeared in more and more rescue sites. With the help of environmental detection sensors and intelligent transmission system, the robot can detect the on-site environment in real time and eliminate potential safety hazards.

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