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Outdoor mobile robot platform A004 Omnidirectional chassis

Outdoor mobile robot platform A004 Omnidirectional chassis

Autonomous mobile robot platform with four-turn and four-wheel drive,  omni-directional mobile design

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The A004 platform is a tough, compact indoor and outdoor robot platform with many motion types such as in-situ rotation, omnidirectional operation, dual Ackermann, traverse, and so on. We have built into this platform a high-accuracy hardware actuator with the steering error of less than 1°. This platform is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments where space is limited and precise movement and operation are required. And it is installed with an independent suspension system to better adapt to the complex outdoor environment of loose, rugged, muddy gravel and potholes. We will provide API interface and product development manuals to help you get your business applications up and running.

A004 mobile robot platform successful cases

  • last-mile delivery robot

This project was based on our ID design, and our customers made some improvements based on their specific use scenarios. 

The last-mile delivery robot was used for Food and Small Package Delivery. 

We agreed on the long-term commercial value, and technically we can make it, so we proceeded as a  customized project; 

From ID and MD to prototypes and pilot builds, we helped our customer to carry out their idea to scale production.

A004 mobile robot platform corn advantage Highlights

· Independent suspension system

· Four-turn, four-wheel drive, Omnidirectional movement. It has traverse mode, dual Ackermann mode, tilt mode, spin mode, and parking mode.

· High steering accuracy, less than 1°

· Car-level electrical protection through vibration, smoke, high and low temperature, water pressure and other complex environmental testing

· ROS system, open API interface

· CAN communication interface, Ethernet, USB, and other interfaces

· UVC comprehensive security protection system

· Dual-sport mode support, autopilot/remote control mode

Technical parameters of A004 mobile robot platform

· Battery voltage: 36V/30AH

· Charging time: 5H, supports two charging modes: automatic charging and manual charging

· Payload 50KG

· Battery life 60KM

· Protocol: CAN

· Four-turn four-wheel drive, independent suspension, allowing movement in any direction.

A004 Applications

A004 is an omnidirectional intelligent remote controlled platform with four-wheel independent suspension system. It adopts four-wheel independent drive and four-wheel independent Omni-directional steering. The flexibility of this wheel enables the platform to traverse rough terrain and pass narrow roads with agile turn capabilities. Compared with other platforms, it has stronger load movement capability, which is suitable for material delivery, security patrol, retail, and other industries.

A004 Modular device for rapid integrated development

· Modular battery design, the battery can be replaced quickly, with 7/24 hours operation

· Platform ROS kits, providing API interfaces for various functions, easy to carry out platform DIY.

· Support data transmission, battery temperature, voltage, and power in real-time; the robot’s status can be viewed immediately.

· Support operation control secondary development

· Modular power interface

· Modular extension

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