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Why is the Construction of Smart Airports Always Inseparable from the Presence of Intelligent Robots?

In the field of civil aviation, safety and efficiency have always been the focus of attention of all parties. How to create an intelligent security system and provide passengers with a convenient, fast and comfortable experience has become a new direction for the intelligent construction of major airports. From face-scanning security check to face control, panoramic monitoring, to inspection, service robots, logistics robots, and disinfection robots, the "security + AI" enterprise product solutions are increasingly being applied in airport scenarios.

1. The robot on duty at the airport supports simultaneous temperature measurement and monitoring of multiple people, and passenger consultation and Q&A

The airport security guard robot acts as an intelligent guard at the entrance and exit of the machine, undertakes tasks such as temperature detection, mask wearing identification, identity verification, epidemic publicity, etc., and provides travel information consultation services and flight inquiries for passengers 24 hours a day. The security guard robot can support the temperature measurement of multiple people at the same time, which saves the waiting time of a single passenger for temperature measurement. When there is an abnormal temperature or wearing a mask, an abnormal alarm will be issued and the staff will be notified to deal with it in time. Passengers can call "Xiao An" for voice questions. to learn about flight inbound and outbound route information and relevant destination weather information.

2. Robot on duty at the airport to detect abnormal body temperature and compare human evidence

The intelligent access control airport robot can be used as the identity and face verification gate in the terminal. It can effectively block the invasion of dangerous personnel and criminals by verifying whether the passenger ID card or health code is one by one.

3. Mobile security patrol airport robot, comprehensive dynamic defense coverage, guardianship to ensure the safety inside and outside the terminal

In daily work, the intelligent security airport robot will perform patrol and prevention tasks. It mainly conducts 24-hour uninterrupted autonomous patrols in the airport hall or the outer perimeter of the airport. Through 4 mobile high-definition digital cameras in the front, rear, left, and right, the front-end of civil aviation security inspection and mobile portrait recognition are realized. , The intelligent security robot also supports mobile temperature measurement and mask wearing recognition. Whether it is inside the terminal or outside the platform, if an abnormality is detected, the relevant image information will be sent back to the public security big data background for collision analysis and real-time warning. The intelligent security robot can also carry out intelligent voice interaction, can answer passengers' inquiries about flight information, and can conduct deep learning and communication for unfamiliar scenes and businesses.

4. Intelligent logistics airport robots promote intelligent in-field services in the airport

In the airport, logistics robots can be divided into advertising book robots and distribution robots. Advertising book robots can walk in the rest area of tourists at the airport. The robot has its own speakers and electronic screens, which can be used for advertising and promotion through broadcasting and visual images. Among them, books and newspapers can be purchased artificially. Inside, passengers can rest and wait for boarding time to check; the delivery robot can deliver materials in the terminal, through the pre-established internal map of the whole terminal, through the received delivery instructions, real-time planning the optimal route for material delivery, material delivery It can be divided into passenger luggage delivery and meal delivery services, which will help promote smart in-field services in the airport.

5. Intelligent disinfection airport robots comprehensively improve the intelligent level of airport prevention and control

The intelligent disinfection airport robot will be used for epidemic prevention and sterilization in the departure hall of the airport terminal building. It integrates various methods such as ultra-dry atomization disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection, and plasma air filtration, and performs autonomous mobile multi-processing for environmental objects and air. High-level disinfection is required. Passengers departing from the airport terminal can encounter intelligent robots that are working hard in most cases. The robot can automatically cruise according to the set route and execute the fixed-point disinfection plan. It makes up for the shortcomings of traditional manual disinfection methods in terms of high work intensity, high infection risk, and high professional skills requirements. Intelligent disinfection robots can perform autonomous mobile multi-point disinfection according to different environmental characteristics and disinfection and epidemic prevention needs, which can significantly improve disinfection efficiency. At the same time, it reduces the work pressure and infection risk of personnel, further reduces the virus infection risk in the departure hall, and comprehensively improves the intelligence level of airport prevention and control in the post-epidemic era.

Smart life, smart future. As artificial intelligence penetrates into all aspects of our daily life, airports are gradually becoming digital and intelligent. As a city business card, airports should play a leading role in the demonstration of intelligent applications. In the future, people will usher in a more efficient and convenient travel experience!

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