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Analysis of the Management System of Mobile Cleaning Robots

To put it simply, this is a combination of a floor cleaning robot and a disinfecting robot, but there are many technical difficulties involved. For example, the core technologies of the cleaning robot management system mainly include sewage recycling technology, cleaning system, and mop cleaning and disinfection technology. The disinfectant bots need to be equipped with an ultraviolet and spray system capable of all-around disinfection and sterilization, as well as an electro-hydraulic integrated workstation to realize autonomous charging, liquid preparation, and liquid addition. The integration of these functions not only needs to consider the routing and focus of each functional module but also needs to ensure the effects of disinfecting, obstacle avoidance, and other functions and improve the overall stability.

Technological innovation of intelligent disinfection and cleaning robot management system

The intelligent disinfection robot skillfully integrates the general functions of automatic navigation technology, autonomous obstacle avoidance technology, human-computer interaction technology, and map construction technology, and realizes overall integration based on the modular design of multi-sensing technologies such as radar and vision. At present, the robot management system supports the setting of timed execution of disinfecting tasks, and also supports remote control of the whole process, which can already achieve efficient and synchronous operations and create a clean and hygienic environment for the isolation point. A small innovation brings great convenience It is reported that the cleaning and disinfection robot product is not only a multi-functional integration, but also brings together many small innovation points in specific modules.

The scale of the mobile robot system is expanding, and the traditional management and scheduling system is facing more and more stringent requirements

Robot Maker Teaching Helps Mobile Robot Management System Needs Efficient Traffic Management and Task Scheduling with Obstacle Avoidance and Circumvention Capabilities, and Heterogeneous Mobile Robot Systems Coexist in the Same Application Site will more and more appear. The substitution of machines has promoted the transformation and innovation of production management, human resource management, information management and other management methods, making the organization more lean and systematic, and ultimately effectively and effectively promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises from "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing".

Machine substitution can promote new employment and the adjustment of employment structure. Most of the jobs replaced by machine substitution are labor-intensive, simple and repetitive, high safety risks, and poor working environment. It can solve occupational health and safety problems and improve the safety production situation. Although machine substitution alleviates the "labor shortage", it also brings about the problem of "skilled workers". At the same time, it also puts forward new requirements for the technical ability and knowledge level of on-the-job workers. The increasing demand for high-tech talents can promote the adjustment of the employment structure of enterprises. It is not that human beings are not needed for machine replacement, on the contrary, what is lacking is human beings, but this human being needs to have higher ability and value, such as technical engineers and other professionals.

To sum up, some emerging mobile robot systems will move towards distributed and cloud deployment, and have reliable redundancy capabilities; they can support online map and strategy updates to adapt to changing operating routes and scheduling strategies; Able to optimize the scheduling of mobile robots with circumvention capabilities, the maker robot solution efficiently and flexibly manages task assignment and traffic control in the system; through certain standardized means, it can manage the coordinated operation of heterogeneous robot systems on the same site.

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