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Sanitization Robot Has Become a Powerful Helper for Medical Staff

Under the epidemic, how does the disinfection industry with environmental health develop? Is it still the same as the traditional one, is it enough for the cleaning staff to do a simple cleaning? In the early years, people who were engaged in the disinfection industry needed to have a disinfection personnel qualification certificate. This qualification certificate was issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Due to the burden reduction, the state cancelled this certificate. After the outbreak of the epidemic, various disinfections appeared, such as disinfecting house spray and whole-body spraying of disinfectant. However, we lack knowledge and development regarding proper disinfection of environmental health.

For the current prevention and disinfection of the COVID-19, the tools and medicines used are also determined according to the venue. We need necessary, comprehensive and deep disinfection to kill the virus in the air and cut off the transmission through the air, so we need professional disinfection equipment. In the past, it was generally manual to disinfect the scene. However, no matter how environmentally friendly the disinfectant is, without sufficient protection, it will be harmful to some extent, and the harm to the staff is even greater. Especially in hospitals, we see too many cases of bacterial infections. Since these problems exist in manual disinfecting, how can we avoid them? Next, let's learn about the relevant knowledge of intelligent disinfection robots!

1. The intelligent disinfection robot not only reduces the manual workload, but also improves the disinfection efficiency

In response to this problem, manufacturers have developed disinfectant bots to replace manual labor. The intelligent disinfection robot is supported by industry-core technologies such as science and intelligent dispatching systems, and has obtained a number of technical patents and intellectual property rights in this field. This new type of robot sanitizer empowers intelligent medical platforms, medical devices and hospital sense management and other fields to improve decision-making and supervision efficiency for hospitals, provide patients with advanced products and high-quality services, reduce medical costs, and reduce occupational injuries for medical staff.

2. The intelligent disinfection robot can navigate autonomously, avoid obstacles, and move to the disinfection area

The intelligent disinfection robot can perform 360-degree disinfection without dead ends around the disinfection target. At the same time, it supports remote control to quickly and centrally disinfect regional places. It can separate humans and machines, reduce personnel contact, and effectively reduce the risk of infection, which not only makes sterilization and disinfection more efficient and thorough, but also greatly improves safety.

The birth of intelligent sanitization robots can be said to reduce the cost of manual disinfection, improve safety, and bring fresh blood to the disinfection industry. At present, it has been applied in many hospitals one after another and has become a powerful helper for medical staff. Epidemic prevention and control is a people's war. Everyone is a soldier and everyone can contribute. As long as everyone unites and fights the virus together, we believe the day when the epidemic disappears will come soon.

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