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Outdoor robot platform A009 Four-wheel differential chassis

Outdoor robot platform A009 Four-wheel differential chassis

The A009 mobile platform is the most cost effective, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor last-mile delivery.

A009 is small and lightweight, 4WD designed. It's suitable for indoor and outdoor scenarios. The whole vehicle's lightweight aircraft aluminum design is a mini mobile platform, allowing robotics to quickly secondary development. The compact, maneuverable, low-cost, and specific features of the A009 platform better help you save upfront costs and project development time.

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The core advantage of A009 mobile robot platform

Cost-effective design.

Support various expanded solutions;

Four-wheel differential, suitable for steering in tight environments, easy turning.

The entire platform is light and agile with its lightweight aviation aluminum design.

It is the best choice for last-mile delivery scenarios.

Successful case of A009 mobile robot platform

  • Last-mile delivery robot case

The A009 mobile robot platform with motion speed of 3km/h, four-wheel differential, low cost, and is suitable for the last mile delivery.

For last-mile delivery in indoor shopping malls, campuses, outdoor parks, playgrounds, and sidewalks, it's compact.

This is a customized last-mile delivery robot case used for school food delivery. 


Airport security robot case

Pain points

 • Customer required security robot can work in 700㎡ at the airport, which is out of the standard 100-300㎡. 

 • 3D lidar technology does not work for large areas location and navigation if without any feature points around.


  What Fdata help

• Developed RTK solution;

• Modular designed based on standard security robot, save time, upfront cost and quickly kick-off the project;

• The fusion of various sensors, met customer's demands on autonomous navigation, positioning, patrolling, obstacle avoidance, and image recognition etc.


Parameters of A009 mobile robot platform

· Dimension: 600*500*200mm

· Battery: 24V/10AH

· Charging time: 3H

· Communication method: CAN 2.0B

· Payload: 10KG

· It can pass 20 degree slope within 10kg payload

· Mileage of 10km, very suitable for the last-mile delivery scenario

The interfaces of CAN and ROS API

The A009 platform, like other robot mobile platforms, has a standard CAN interface. You can freely add sensors and peripherals, such as LIDAR, camera, GPS, IMU, etc., according to your project needs.

We provide ROS system and API interface to save development time and kick off your project quickly.

A009 Key features

Support various expanded solutions;
The entire platform with lightweight aviation aluminum design;
Support quick expansion and secondary development.
Designed with full safety measures: emergency stop, command verification,  heartbeat protection, and current & temperature protection.

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