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Say No to Campus Safety Hazards! Smart Robots Build Campus Intelligent Security

In recent years, there have been many campus security incidents, which have attracted increasing attention from society to campus security construction. Campus security work concerns the vital interests of teachers and students, as well as the hearts of many families behind them. Fortunately, the development of service robotics and technologies has also made a qualitative leap in the ability of the security robot commercial to intelligently monitor.

Intelligent security robots are the first line of defense for campus smart security

The commercial security robot is on duty 24 hours a day at the closed preschool/primary and secondary schools. The school gate is jointly guarded by monitoring the entry and exit of personnel and vehicles through high-definition cameras to avoid unauthorized personnel from entering. External personnel and student parents can enter the campus through identity verification. During the epidemic, it can also conduct temperature detection on people entering and leaving. At the same time, the robot security guard has functions including video monitoring, intelligent temperature sensing, automatic alarm, one-click help, intelligent Q&A, and identity verification, and can upload monitoring data to the background in real-time to detect abnormal data and give timely warnings.

Intelligent security robots are mobile intelligent security, which can prevent epidemics and manage safety

Various colleges and universities across the country are constantly expanding their campus areas to accommodate new students, resulting in a blurred boundary between the campus and society, and the surrounding environment of the campus has become even more complex. Currently, universities across the country have high openness, complex personnel, large flow, large area, and various external personnel and students of different ages and levels living on the campus, which greatly increases the opportunities for lawbreakers to take advantage of. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish a more suitable security system for universities.

The security patrol security robot can conduct automatic patrols, proactively avoid obstacles when encountering them, and use 5G networks to transmit video surveillance to a remote platform. The staff can view the robot's location and multiple video surveillance contents in real-time at the remote end, and can also issue operational instructions remotely. The robot is also equipped with intelligent AI voice and image recognition algorithms to carry out point-to-point voice broadcasting, man-machine interaction communication, blacklisted user recognition and early warning, and other "intelligence" capabilities. During the epidemic, it can also conduct mobile temperature measurements and epidemic prevention publicity in the park. The biometric technology carried by the security robot can actively identify and monitor passersby and record them. When abnormalities are detected, it can immediately send out an alarm in the background. It contributes to campus safety and provides powerful security.

Campus logistics security robots are efficient, convenient, and have zero contact

The library entrance and exit use robot security guards for security watches, which can distinguish visitors and unit employees through facial recognition and effectively guide or intercept visitors after identification, and carry out face recognition attendance. By pre-recording the facial information of visiting leaders and experts, it realizes guest reception service and improves the level of smart services within the library. Book logistics robots are deployed inside the library. Through pre-set navigation maps and sensors to perceive information during movement, they can recognize the complex environment in the working environment and autonomously achieve tasks such as obstacle avoidance, navigation, path planning, and map creation to achieve free movement within the library, providing flexible and convenient services for library staff and outside readers. The logistics robot can also be used for teaching building book and material delivery and contact-free meal delivery services.

Intelligent disinfection security robots escort student safety and epidemic prevention

During the epidemic period, with the help of technology, it is better to assist campus epidemic prevention and control. Through the security intelligent disinfection robot, it can improve the efficiency of disinfection work, reduce personnel contact, and reduce the risk of cross-infection, building a solid protection barrier between the virus and teachers and students, truly protecting the life safety of teachers and students.

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