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What Are the Technical Specifications of Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment?

The ultraviolet disinfection robot device is a disinfection equipment that uses purple light to kill microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. It is widely used in waiting rooms, hospitals, and libraries. Today, Fdata will introduce the technical requirements of ultraviolet disinfection equipment.

Ultraviolet disinfection robots have efficient and broad-spectrum germicidal capability

The ultraviolet disinfection robot device has the highest broad-spectrum germicidal capability, as it can efficiently kill almost all bacteria and viruses.

Ultraviolet disinfection robots do not cause secondary pollution

Ultraviolet disinfection does not require the addition of any chemical agents, so it does not cause secondary pollution to water and the surrounding environment.

Ultraviolet disinfection robots are safe and reliable

Traditional disinfection technologies, such as the use of chlorides or ozone, involve using toxic and flammable substances. Ultraviolet disinfection does not have such safety hazards.

Ultraviolet disinfection robots have low operating and maintenance costs

The ultraviolet disinfection robot device has a small footprint, simple operation, automatic cruising, and automatic obstacle avoidance, resulting in lower operating costs. It can autonomously map and navigate, intelligently avoid obstacles, complete disinfection tasks autonomously, and automatically recharge.

To cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals in many countries and regions are operating at full capacity, and medical personnel are under immense pressure. In the management of highly infectious diseases, frequent and thorough disinfection steps are crucial. However, this task consumes a large amount of manpower and the personnel involved face the risk of infection. Compared to manual disinfection, using robots for disinfection saves manpower and is also safer. However, the production process of robots is highly complex and requires a significant amount of time for software development, hardware development, design of operating modules, integration of disinfection functions, etc. As a result, the number of disinfection robots that can be put into use is limited. The ultraviolet disinfection robot introduced by Fdata' financial information system may help solve this problem.

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