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Disinfection Robot: Provide Enterprises with a Non-contact and More Efficient Disinfection Solution

Since the outbreak of the new crown virus, disinfection of public places has become an important way to reduce the risk of new crown virus infection. However, in the process of disinfection, manual operation is easy to cause health risks to the staff. At the same time, there are also problems such as small disinfection area, low efficiency, difficult quantitative management, and high labor costs.

Today, the epidemic prevention and control situation is gradually improving. When various industries start to resume work in an orderly manner, the important power played by intelligent robots is gradually emerging. During the epidemic prevention stage, the disinfection robot sticks to the front line of anti-epidemic, avoids the disadvantages of manual disinfection with dead ends and easy infection, and has become an anti-epidemic warrior who is on duty 24 hours a day. In the post-epidemic era, intelligent robots represented by disinfection robots are still promising. So, what kind of roles can these "steel warriors" play in which scenes?

1. A new anti-epidemic disinfection robot with great scientific research capabilities

In the past, machines only had basic capabilities similar to tools. Now, with the empowerment of technology, intelligent robots emerge as the times require. Relying on AI algorithms and powerful hardware capabilities, they can provide better and more user-friendly services. Based on self-research capabilities, integration capabilities, and channel capabilities, mature service robot products have been launched.

2. Disinfection robots have attracted much attention, and many resumption sites have been introduced and put into use

Compared with manual disinfection, the advantages of disinfectant bots are obvious. It can kill the whole scene and wide area without dead ends. A single machine can work for several hours on a single charge and complete the disinfecting work of thousands of square meters without rest, and the efficiency is super high. In addition, some disinfection robots also use the principle of ultrasonic spray, and the ultra-dry fog disinfection mode can maximize the role of disinfection drugs and achieve more with less.

Compared with traditional disinfection, the intelligent spray disinfection robot has several advantages: the first is to avoid operation injuries, avoid the full participation of operators during the operation process, and avoid risks to people's health; the second is high disinfection efficiency, the robot The effective coverage is relatively large, the spray diameter can reach 4-5 meters, the movement speed is fast, and the efficiency is high; the third is digital management, which can monitor the disinfecting route in real time, as well as the amount of disinfectant, and accurately count the amount of killing each time. The fourth is stable and reliable, and the robot can reduce the randomness of disinfection caused by the manual disinfection process; the fifth is that the long-term use cost is low.

It has to be said that in the battle against the epidemic, the existence of intelligent disinfection robot has avoided a lot of infection risks for humans. The sudden crisis also made people realize the power of technology in time. Technology companies represented by excellent manufacturers have given full play to their own strengths and actively participated in the fight against the epidemic, which not only reflects a strong sense of social responsibility, but also truly and objectively demonstrates their scientific and technological strength, which has been widely accepted by the general public and the market. Based on such good feedback, manufacturers will be more motivated to invest in the research and development of new technologies and product promotion.

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