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What Kinds of Logistics Robots Are There?

Logistics robots are mainly used in warehouses, sorting centers, and in transit and other scenarios, and mainly complete related tasks such as loading and unloading, handling, storage, sorting, and transportation. At present, the logistics industry is striving to transform from labor-based to technology-based, from traditional models to modernization and intelligent upgrades, followed by the application and popularization of various advanced technical equipment. Today, the application of intelligent robots with functions such as handling, palletizing, and sorting has become an indispensable technology in the logistics industry. Logistics robots can be roughly divided into three categories in terms of work categories.

1. Unmanned truck of logistics robot

Referred to as AGV trolley, it is a high-performance intelligent transportation equipment, mainly used in the handling and movement of goods, and has long been widely used in various industries; AGV trolley has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate; when a certain part of the workshop needs a certain auxiliary material At this time, the staff input relevant information to the computer terminal, the computer terminal then sends the information to the central control room, and professional technicians issue instructions to the computer. With the cooperation of the electronic control equipment, this instruction is finally accepted and executed by the AGV ——Send the accessories to the corresponding place.

2. Palletizing robot of logistics robot

It can replace manual cargo classification, handling and loading and unloading, especially to replace human handling of dangerous goods, such as radioactive substances, toxic substances, etc., to ensure the life safety of employees. Realize automation, intelligence and unmanned operation. In addition to replacing people to carry dangerous goods, palletizing robots are far more efficient than manual work. Therefore, the use of palletizing logistics robots to realize automated production is an effective means to promote the development of enterprises.

3. Sorting robots of logistics robots

The sorting logistics robot is a robot equipped with sensors, objective lenses and electronic optical systems, which can quickly sort goods. It uses sensors, objective lenses, image recognition systems and multi-functional robotic arms to identify the shape of items according to the image recognition system. It is the more complex link in the entire logistics link, which is often time-consuming and labor-intensive. The automatic sorting robot can achieve 24-hour continuous sorting; it has a small footprint and high sorting efficiency, which can reduce labor costs by 70%; it is accurate and efficient, improving work efficiency and reducing transportation costs.

With the continuous expansion of the logistics market, the number of express freight shipments is also increasing; for large logistics enterprises, logistics robots will solve transportation, sorting and other problems well for the enterprise; the future prospects of the logistics robot industry are still very promising.

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