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Disinfection Robot Facilitates Epidemic Prevention and Control, Together Facing New Challenges

With the gradual resumption of work by enterprises and the increasing flow of people, further strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic has become a new challenge that all industries need to face together. Recently, researchers from the Robotics and Microsystems Research Center at Suzhou University in China have independently developed a high-tech product, the "Intelligent and Efficient Environmental Sanitizing Robot," to assist in epidemic prevention and control.

The disinfection robot achieves barrier-free travel on roads

The disinfection robot is controlled by a microcomputer and operated remotely by a staff member to ensure the safety of the remote control personnel. It is equipped with a spray device that sprays disinfectant mist onto the target. The spray system uses secondary atomization through pressure and airflow, and adopts a special air duct design. The horizontal spray range can reach tens of meters, with high droplet adhesion rate and high utilization of disinfectant.

It is reported that some disinfection robots can travel 7 kilometers per hour and cover over 30 kilometers in one round, effectively disinfecting an area of more than 40,000 square meters in one hour. They can be widely used in urban streets, communities, centralized epidemic prevention sites, road checkpoints, stations, construction sites, schools, underground parking lots, and other places.

The disinfection robot prevents cross-infection

It is understood that the epidemic prevention and disinfection robot adopts unmanned intelligent operation technology, autonomously selects disinfection methods and modes, adjusts the intensity and duration of disinfection, and achieves 360-degree no dead angle disinfection. It can work continuously for more than 24 hours at a time, efficiently replacing manual timed and targeted disinfection work. It meets the disinfection needs of stations, hospitals, airports, hotels, malls, etc., greatly reducing the risk of cross-infection caused by personnel contact.

Compared with manual disinfection, the epidemic prevention and disinfection robot is more efficient and has a wider coverage range. It can plan the disinfection path in advance and complete multi-point indoor disinfection in the shortest possible time, avoiding the risk of infection due to potential hazards in the manual operation process.

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