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Security Robot Classification and Its Application Overview

A security robot is a semi-autonomous, autonomous or fully controlled robot that assists humans in completing security work. As a subdivision of the robot industry, security robots are based on actual production and life needs, and are used to solve hidden safety hazards, patrol monitoring and disaster warning. Thereby reducing the occurrence of safety accidents and reducing the loss of life and property.

1. Classification of security robots

(1) Monitoring robots

At present, monitoring robots have penetrated into ordinary homes. They can move around in the home and are flexible, intelligent and friendly. They can also integrate more functions to provide more comprehensive security monitoring services for ordinary homes. At the same time, monitoring robots are used in industry, It is also widely used in companies, Internet cafes, supermarket patrols, blind spots, power, communications, power environment monitoring, chemical remote control and other places.

(2) Intelligent inspection robot

Intelligent inspection robots mainly carry detection devices such as infrared thermal imagers and visible light cameras, which can transmit images and data to remote monitoring systems. In the inspection robot, the hidden dangers of accidents and fault omens in operation can be added, and automatic judgment and alarm can be carried out. Due to the special advantages of intelligent inspection robots in terms of environmental response and strong performance, more and more intelligent inspection robots are applied to special places such as security inspections, power inspections, and track inspections. Inspection of special places is easier and safer.

(3) Reconnaissance robots

The reconnaissance robot is mainly used for the detection and identification of enemy targets. By installing the control device, it can transmit text and voice information in real time in various terrains such as mountains and steep slopes, and has an intelligent and agile "skill".

(4) EOD robots

It is usually divided into large-scale EOD robots and small EOD robots. It is an operation-type robot. It can walk automatically through a remote control device, and has a mechanical arm for various EOD operations. It replaces people to approach suspicious objects, and performs operations such as explosive identification, transfer and destruction. It can be controlled by wired and wireless operation, and has the ability to cross certain obstacles.

(5) Armed strike robots

Armed strike robots generally have functions such as monitoring, reconnaissance, and bullet strikes, and are mainly used in counter-terrorism operations.

2. The application status of security robots

(1) Security patrols

Due to the special advantages that manpower does not have in terms of environmental response and powerful performance, more and more security robots are applied to life.

(2) Monitoring robots

It can be moved, more flexible, more intelligent and more friendly in ordinary homes, while providing more comprehensive security monitoring services.

(3) Counter-terrorism emergency response

Anti-terrorism security robots can play an important role in frequent terrorist cases, cracking dangers for people and combating terrorism.

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