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Intelligent Disinfection Robot Gives Technology Wings to COVID-19 Prevention and Control

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, large shopping malls and office buildings with dense crowds have always been important battlefields for epidemic prevention and control. Traditional manual disinfection methods face challenges such as high labor costs, low disinfection efficiency, incomplete coverage, and the risk of cross-infection. It is difficult to meet the current disinfection needs. How to carry out intelligent and efficient disinfection has led to the solution of using intelligent disinfection robots in shopping malls and office buildings.

Intelligent disinfection robots patrol and disinfect 24/7

The large and complex disinfection work cannot be completed solely by human labor. A robot in supermarkets can be scheduled for disinfection according to the regulations of the shopping mall, using ultra-fast charging technology, automatic charging, and endurance, and can patrol and disinfect 24/7. There is no longer any need to worry about difficult disinfection. The intelligence is committed to meeting customer disinfection needs and assisting management teams in continuously pursuing and improving their own intelligent disinfection standards.

Intelligent disinfection robots can manage multiple floors with a single unit

Spray disinfection robots rely on navigation and platforms to create multiple maps for different scenarios. After setting up patrol and disinfection tasks, they can automatically take the elevator to different floors. Only one machine is needed to manage the disinfection space of multiple floors. The robot converts the disinfectant into dry mist through an atomizer, with a spray particle size of ≤10 microns, so customers do not need to worry about getting wet. The intelligent spray disinfection robot always pays attention to the health and safety of customers, creating a good shopping environment for them.

Intelligent disinfection robots provide uninterrupted disinfection

The spray disinfection robot is equipped with a capacity tank and can carry out uninterrupted disinfection within a few hours. The chassis adopts deep vision and ultrasonic fusion obstacle avoidance and is suitable for more complex scenarios. It is safe and reliable and ensures the personal safety of public venue staff.

As scientific and technological development continues, the field of health and hygiene also needs to rely on technological power to complete virus disinfection work, such as hospital disinfection robots freeing up human labor while improving the quality of cleaning and disinfection. Intelligence will continue to deep research market trends, combine its own advantages to overcome key core technologies, comprehensively improve the automation and intelligence of spray disinfection robot products, and promote industrial upgrading, showing a sense of corporate responsibility.

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