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Do You Know All These Functions of Intelligent Disinfectant Robots?

Under the normal situation of national epidemic prevention and control, many schools have used intelligent disinfectant robots for disinfection and cleaning. In addition, hospitals, gymnasiums, science and technology museums, airports and other public places have also begun to introduce intelligent disinfectant robots, hoping to protect the health and safety of employees and reduce their work pressure. In intelligent system design, do you know these functions?

1. The efficient disinfection of the disinfect robot can cut off the transmission route of the virus

This function can be said to be the basic function of the intelligent disinfectant robot. Using the principle of high-efficiency disinfection of dry fog, staff in public places inject disinfectant into the robot's container. This kind of robot is suitable for all kinds of indoor environments with people and people. In addition, it can simultaneously disinfect the air and object surfaces, completely cutting off the transmission route of the virus. In actual use, in a space of 1000m³, the disinfectant robot can complete disinfection as quickly as possible with high efficiency. Compared with manual disinfection, intelligent disinfecting robots have a larger spraying range, higher efficiency, and more safety and reliability.

2. The disinfect robot can operate autonomously without manual intervention

Some people may ask if the intelligent disinfection robot can identify the route? What if it bumps into a person? For these, you don't have to worry at all, the intelligent disinfect robot is very intelligent. It can not only plan the disinfection path in advance to ensure the completion of multi-point disinfection in the shortest time, but also detect obstacles through the fusion of laser, vision and ultrasonic multi-sensors, perceive the surrounding environment in real time, and automatically avoid pedestrians during disinfection operations; and, The disinfection mode, disinfection time, coverage area, etc. can be set as needed, and it can also be automatically charged without manual intervention.

3. The disinfect robot has the function of human body induction, so as not to cause harm to personnel

The top and side of the disinfectant bots are equipped with multiple human sensors to ensure that people can be sensed 360 degrees without dead ends. When someone appears, the UV light will automatically turn off to avoid injury to personnel. After the person leaves, the robot automatically starts the disinfection task. Is it amazing? I believe that with the continuous maturity of artificial intelligence technology in the future, intelligent disinfection robots will be popularized and used in more and more places, let us look forward to it together.

The disinfection and epidemic prevention robot is referred to as a disinfect robot. It uses a robot as a carrier and installs a disinfection system inside the robot to generate disinfection gas. The disinfection and epidemic prevention robot uses the robot's pneumatic system to quickly spread the disinfection gas in the indoor space, increase the coverage and uniformity of disinfection, and can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms in the air without dead ends. The disinfect robot can automatically, efficiently and accurately disinfect and prevent epidemics indoors according to the set route.

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